Tiffany: Holiday 2020

Co-Director • Video Editor • Music Supervisor • Stop Motion Animation
Tiffany: Holiday 2020

Tiffany Holiday 2020 window campaign films and paid media

There is nothing more iconic during the holidays than the Tiffany window displays – people flock from all over the world to view these pieces of art.  Tiffany’s holiday windows are as much a part of the magic of the holidays in New York as the Rockerfeller tree in our opinion.  As such, you can imagine how thrilled I was to collaborate with Tiffany on their 2020 Holiday Window campaign films.

Unlike most other years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 holidays were different in New York, such was true with the Tiffany Holiday windows.  We were tasked with bringing the infamy and legend of the Tiffany Holiday windows to the virtual world, allowing people from all over the world to still enjoy the Tiffany Holiday windows even though they weren’t going to be physically present this time around.  Taking physical world experiences and visualizing them has become somewhat of a specialty of Stassmonster and I as director’s and we had a ton of fun creating a this three film series with Tiffany.

“Our Tiffany holiday films allowed people from all over the world to enjoy the Tiffany holiday windows even though COVID-19 stopped them from physically being present this year.”

Tiffany: Holiday Windows 2020 (Tree)

Co-Director • Video Editor • VFX • Color

Our Tree film was the first one that Tiffany released in the run up to the holidays. Through the use of a variety of camera filters and funky glass that we put in front of the lens we were able to craft some unique special effects for this window that were done in camera. Adding snow inside the window helped meld the outside and inside together and, like each film we end by revealing the Tiffany window on the streets of New York City.

Tiffany: Holiday Windows 2020 (Display Snow)

Co-Director • Video Editor • VFX • Color

Our Display Snow film is probably my favorite of the bunch due to its general fun and quirky nature. Through the use of a probe lens we explored the window in many ways not available without it, being able to flyover the scene as if we were a drone. Mix that with some fun stop motion animations and simple camera trickery and we were able to offer the viewer a super fun film with lots of good holiday vibes.

Tiffany: Holiday Windows 2020 (Ornament)

Co-Director • Video Editor • VFX • Color

Our third and final installment in the Holiday 2020 Window films yet again offers a unique personality specific to the window itself. We toyed with the ornaments having fun and connecting with one another while exploring the larger scene and the beautiful jewelry continued within. As with the other films we explored macro details like textures through the use of a probe lens and we played with various in glass in front of the lens to offer unique looks and perspective. This film series was such fun to create and I want to thank everyone involved in the creation of these Tiffany Holiday 2020 Window Campaign films.

“All of the fun effects in these Tiffany films were done in camera – even the dolly and zoom for the VFX scenes. Fix in post? Nah, make it right in pre.”