AWS: Machine Powered. Human Driven.

During 2020 I co-created and edited a four part episodic series for Amazon’s AWS division that focused on a variety of different industries (Finance, Sports, Health & Manufacturing) called “Machine Powered, Human Driven”.

Each episode is narrated by a core team member who lets the audience know more about their individual and unique usage of Amazon’s AWS’ services within their business and the benefits that come from that partnership. Created in partnership with New York creative agency RIOT and the Wall Street Journal Custom Content team I discuss the specifics of each episode in more detail as an accompaniment below the videos.

“Each episode showcases how AWS’ products and services help and benefit each featured business for the better.”

Creative Director • Video Editor • Motion Graphics • Color • Music Supervisor

Infusing Intelligence Into Financial Services (Aella Credit)

Episode one focuses on the financial services sector and highlights how African based Aella Credit infuses intelligence into their sector. Whether it’s to better serve their customers or improve internal processes, machine learning is playing a fundamental role for Aella Credit.

Data Empowers Patients & Providers (Livongo)

In the second installment of our “Machine Powered, Human Driven” branded content series for AWS (in partnership with the WSJ Custom Content team) we demonstrate how Livongo delivers a higher-quality service, with better patient outcomes through the power of machine learning.

A Data-Fueled Renaissance in Sports (Formula 1)

Our third in a four part content series collaboration with AWS in partnership with WSJ Custom Content highlights how machine learning tools are transforming the science of Formula 1, while revolutionizing the fan experience.

The Next Industrial Revolution Is Powered By ML (Koch)

Our final film highlights the role of data in industrial operations. We detail how this information is critical for Koch, with myriad applications for AI and machine learning.