Tiffany: Holiday 2020 Teaser

Creative Director • Video Editor • Motion Graphics • VFX • Color • Music Supervisor

Brands spend a lot of time, thought, preparation and money on their holiday campaigns. For retail brands like Tiffany, the holiday season is the most profitable and exciting customers and staff members about your upcoming campaign is a must – in 2020 Tiffany started to think about their holiday campaign in the summer!

During the summer of 2020 my creative agency RIOT was approached by Tiffany to create a sizzle video that would serve as inspiration for their actual holiday 2020 campaign. I loved creating this film for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was an honor to be able to create visuals that would serve as inspiration for the actual holiday campaigns – we ended up actually creating some of the actual holiday campaign films! Second, as there was no real ideas or direction provided, we were able to take simple e-commerce photographic product imagery and experiment with motion and making videos from them.

Before we began, we created a Tiffany playlist that consisted of music that was both on brand for Tiffany, but also felt like the holidays without actually being music from the holidays. Next we played our playlist on loop the entire time we were crafting. All of the creative imagery in the final film was inspired by one or many of the songs on our playlist. This musical inspiration technique is something I use often and heavily relies on my skills as a music supervisor. It also relies on my understanding of brands and what makes a brand unique – not every song is a Tiffany song, but every song on this playlist is!

“An internal facing film that served as inspiration for the creative teams to contemplate what they might want to do with the actual holiday campaigns.”