Coach: Collab Sizzle

Creative Director • Video Editor • Motion Graphics • Kinetic Text • Color • Music Supervisor • Logo Sting

Over more than a decade I have created so much content for Coach. I’ve directed and edited a variety of campaign films, created countless sizzle reels and, between 2012 and 2017 there wasn’t one single piece of content that Coach released that I hadn’t worked on in some way or other. Safe to say then that Coach is a sweetheart of mine.

We’re about to start working on a new edit for the Coach Foundation next week and today we started getting in assets from them for use in this new edit. One piece of content sent over for inclusion was a new video Coach had created that highlights their values and purpose and this edit included a ton of footage that I had created. This gave a very warm fuzzy feeling to know that years later my footage still has value to Coach and is being used – testament to the love and care I always put into my work. Same goes for this sizzle, which also features some of my footage to help tell the story. Anyway, I digress.

In early 2021 Coach approached us to create a new sizzle edit for them that highlighted the numerous collaborations Coach had worked on during 2020 – from Pacman and Keith Haring through Bape and Star Wars. As is the nature of a sizzle edit I utilized a lot of different imagery to tell the story. I used motion graphics to bounce and twist between these collaborations often merging graphics with product and back again seamlessly. Throw my usual passion for excellent music supervision into the mix which takes this edit to the next level (as it always does) – the track featured is 90’s banger “Unbelievable” by EMF.

“Bouncing and twisting between collaborations, often merging graphics with product and back again seamlessly.”